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Preparation for HDV/DV tape I/O

FAQ ID:KB01200004 | Date: 2013/07/23

I want to capture video from HDV or DV tape, but the Capture button is grayed out. How do I enable the capture button?

You will need to create a device preset for the interface and capture format in advance:

*This example is for HDV/DV capture via a FireWire port.
1. Choose [Settings] > [System Settings].
2. System Settings will appear. Choose [Hardware] > [Device Preset] in the left-pane.
3. Click [New] button in the right-pane.
4. Configure the settings as below:

Input H/W, Format Settings

 Preset Name


HDV 1080i


Generic OHCI

Generic HDV

 Video Format

720x480 59.94i

1440x1080 59.94i


Grass Valley HQ

Output H/W, Format Settings


Generic OHCI

 Video Format

[DV] 720x480 59.94i 4:3
[DV] 720x480 59.94i 16:9

5. Click [OK] button to close the wizard.
6. After creating the preset, choose [Capture] > [Select Input Device].
7. Choose created preset and then click [OK] button.


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