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Playback stutters or stops

FAQ ID:KB01300002 | Date: 2013/07/23

Timeline playback stutters or stops frequently. How do I solve this problem?

If the PC's processor is overloaded, timeline playback might stutter or stop frequently. Here are some reasons why this might happen:

1. Many video filters are applied.
2. Many key frames are set in an effect or in the layouter.
3. Assets used might have resolution, aspect ratio or frame rate different to the project settings.
4. Assets used are in a format that requires a lot of processing (e.g. AVCHD, Uncompressed AVI or QuickTime).
5. Assets used are stored on an USB hard drive.

Suggested solutions

1. Change playback buffer size

1) Choose [Settings] > [System Settings].
2) System Settings will apeear. Choose [Application] > [Playback] in the left-pane.
3) Set larger playback buffer size than current size.
4) Click [Apply] and then [OK] button.

2. Render the timeline
Render the timeline via [Render] > [Render Sequence] > [Render Red Area].

3. Convert to an HQ file
Especially in the case of 3. or 4. above, convert the clip and then place the converted clip into the timeline.

1) Right-click the clip in the Bin and then choose [Convert] > [Convert to File].
2) Converted clip will be registered into the Bin.
3) Place the converted clip into the timeline. 
*If you use large frame size still images (especially TGA file), it is recommended that you re-size the images before importing into the EDIUS.

4. Play back from local drive
If the assets reside on a USB hard disk, copy them to the local drive before loading into the EDIUS.









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