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Match frame does not work

FAQ ID:KB01300005 | Date: 2013/12/25

Match frame does not work. How do I solve this problem?

To use EDIUS' match frame function, target clip needs to have source timecode. If the target clip does not have the source timecode, this function does not work since match frame works by using source timecode.
To confirm that does a clip have source timecode, enable displaying source timecode in the EDIUS.

1) Choose [Settings] > [User Settings].
2) User Settings window will appear. Choose [Preview] > [On Screen Display] in the left-pane.
3) Check "Source Timecode" option in 'Show Trim' part.
4) Click [Apply] and then [OK] button.

After the above, mount a clip onto player window. If source timecode is not displayed (Src --: --: --; -- still displayed), match frame does not work for the clip.


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