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Clips are off-line in EDIUS project when loading project on another client

FAQ ID:KB01300009 | Date: 2018/05/01

Clips used in project are off-line if I load existing EDIUS project on another client. How do I solve the problem?

EDIUS Project manages used clip path in absolute path description. If you load project on another client and absolute path is changed by any reason like drive letter mapping, used clips may be off-line.
There are two ways to be on-line the clips:

Restore off-line clips
If you have several off-line clips, using off-line clip restore will be reasonable. Because you can save drive space.

1. Choose [File] > [Restore Offline Clip...]

2. Click [Open the clip restoration dialog...] button

3. Uncheck "Link only files that match exactly" option

4. At "Restoration Method", choose "Relink (select folder)" from drop down list

5. Choose the clip location then click [Select Folder] button

6. Repeat step #4 and #5 for all off-line clips

7. Click [OK] button

8. Save the project then continue editing

Consolidate project
If all or almost clips are off-line, consolidating project in advance is recommended.

1. Load the editing target project on EDIUS client that off-line does not occur.

2. Choose [File] > [Consolidate Project...]

3. Check "Save Project to Folder" then choose the destination like shared storage or USB drive

4. Choose "Backup (no trimming)" from drop down list

5. Go back to "Project File Location" then make sure that destination has enough free space. If destination has no enough space, choose another option at step#4.

6. At "Proxy clip" pane, choose either HiRes and Proxy or Only HiRes

7. Click [OK] button

8. Consolidated project refers copied clips. Open the project on the client that you want to use for editing


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