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QuickTitler works slowly when creating a title clip in *.etl2 format

FAQ ID:KB01600004 | Date: 2017/07/06

QuickTitler works slowly when creating a title clip in *.etl2 format. How do I solve the problem?

We have confirmed this problem as known issue. How much Quick Titler slowly works will depend on title content. We are suggesting to create a title clip in *.etl format as workaround.

1. Open Quick Titler.

2. Firstly choose [File] > [Save As] to create a title in .etl format.

3. Saving dialog will appear. Choose "QuickTitler File (*.etl)" at Save as type then click [Save] button.

4. Create or edit a title clip. Once finished, choose [File] > [Save] menu.

5. When you open saved title clip, "This is an old format file. Would you like to open it in the new format?" will appear. Click [No] button to open the clip in *.etl format.

====== Updated on July 28th, 2017 ======
From EDIUS 8.52, QuickTitler starts in *.etl format as default. The issue does not occur in the format. EDIUS 8.52.2293 is available on our web site.


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