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Export button disappears or appears to be inactive

FAQ ID:KB01800006 | Date: 2013/07/24

Export menu button disappears or appears to be inactive. How can I click the button?

Export button disappears
There are three possible causes, listed below:

1. EDIUS might be in Trimming mode. Choose [Mode] > [Trimming Mode] and then uncheck trimming mode to go back to Normal mode.

2. The Export button might be hidden. If the Preview window is small and you can see the [>>] icon (highlighted by the red square in image below), click this icon and then choose [Export]. kb01800006-img001.png

3. EDIUS might be in Multicam mode. If EDIUS in this mode, you will see "Master" and "1VA"... in the Preview window. In this case, choose [Mode] > [Multicam Mode] to quit multicam mode.
*Multicam mode is only available in EDIUS Elite and Pro versions.


Export button is inactive
There are two possible causes, listed below:

1. There is no clip between the In and Out points on the timeline.

2. An Out point might be set before In point. In this case, Out, In, Dur timecode will be displayed in red characters in the Preview window.



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