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Saving a still image with selecting destination and format

FAQ ID:KB01800007 | Date: 2013/07/30

I want to save still image with selecting save destination and file format each time.

Firstly, you need to enable 'Save as' button in the timeline with below procedure.

1. Choose [Settings] > [User Settings].

2. User Settings window will appear. Choose [User Interface] > [Button] from the left-pane.

3. Choose "Timeline" as target window in the right-pane.

4. Choose "Create a Still Image (Save as)" and then click [>>] button.

5. Click [Apply] and then [OK] button.

How to use 'Save as' button

1. Click 'Save as' button in the timeline.

2. Save window will appear. Specify save location, file name and still format and then click [Save] button.


NOTE: If your EDIUS version is EDIUS 6.5, Neo 3.5 or Express, please update to the latest version to use this function.


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