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EDIUS freezing / crashing

FAQ ID:KB01300006 | Date: 2013/12/25

EDIUS freezes or crashes while using the application.

Here are some General Performance tips for EDIUS to help minimize hangs and crashes.

1. Minimize all other programs with MSCONFIG
1) Click the start button and type MSCONFIG into the search prompt and press enter key.
2) This starts "System configuration Utility", select the SERVICES Tab.
3) Click the "Hide all Microsoft Services" checkbox in the lower left corner.
4) Click on the DISABLE ALL Button.
5) Go through the services list and re-enable anything you think is Critical.

Edius Critical: Flexnet Licensing Service, Flexnet Licensing Service 64
Edius Elite K2:  Flexnet Licensing Service, Flexnet Licensing Service 64, CvfsPM, Grass Valley K2 Config, Product Frame Discovery Agent
PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see all these services, that may be OK. However any that you DO see should be re-checkboxed.

6) For Windows 7, Click on the STARTUP Tab. For Windows 8 see note below.
7) Click the Disable ALL, Find the "EDIUS" entry and re-enable.
8) Re-enable anything you think is Critical.
9) Restart Windows.

*For Windows 8, you will need to start the TaskMgr application. Select the Startup tab and individually de-select each entry.

2. Disabling Anti-Virus
Generally, Anti-virus should be DISABLED while editing. However some IT depts will not allow this. To help  with the issue,  below are the following directories that you should exclude from "Active scans" (These are scans that run through all files on a HDD typically in a scheduled manner) and "Real Time" (These are memory scans and File acess scans that happen in realtime)scans.

This is a required directory to be Excluded, including any subdirectory. Depending on Operating system and which version of edius is installed you may not have all these directories, but any that are found should be excluded.
C:\Program Files\Grass Valley
C:\Program Files (x86)\Grass Valley

*Excluding EDIUS project folder may also be helpful to improve the performance.

3. Updating drivers
All drivers should be updated to their latest versions.  Please reference the manufacturer of your PC to verify you have all the latest drivers.

4. Updating BIOS
Your BIOS should be the latest version available. Please check with the manufacturer of your PC or motherboard for assistance checking/updating.

5. Disabling Power Management
Make sure the system power managements are disabled, including network ports, USB ports, HDD, video cards, etc.


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