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About your EDIUS ID

FAQ ID:KB00300003 | Date: 2015/06/25

What is an EDIUS ID?

From version 6.5 on-wards, EDIUS has used the Flexera online activation system to validate the software license upon installation. From EDIUS 8, we have modified the activation system to enable us to deactivate software which is installed illegally.

EDIUS ID is additional activation layer to begin the transition from node-locking, or linking the EDIUS license to a device, to linking the EDIUS license to the user.

To create your EDIUS ID, please visit EDIUS ID web site then follow these instructions:

1. Click [EDIUS ID Registration] button.

2. Complete all the required fields and check the "I have read the privacy policy and agree to its terms and conditions" box after reading the privacy policy.

3. Click the [EDIUS ID registration] button.

4. A preliminary registration confirmation email will be sent to the email address registered. Once received, click the registration procedure URL link in the email.

5. The "EDIUS ID registration complete" page will appear and you can now go to your Account page by clicking the [My Page] button.


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