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EDIUS cannot be installed

FAQ ID:KB00500001 | Date: 2013/07/04

EDIUS cannot be installed properly.

The anti-virus software installed on your system might detect EDIUS as malware.
Please re-install EDIUS using the steps below:

1. Quit EDIUS installation program.

2. Check if there is a Grass Valley\EDIUS x folder in C:\Program Files and delete it.
       EDIUS 9: Grass Valley\EDIUS 9
       EDIUS 8: Grass Valley\EDIUS 8
       EDIUS 7: Grass Valley\EDIUS 7

3. Disable real-time scanning of the anti-virus software.

4. Re-run the EDIUS installer.

5. Add C:\Program Files\Grass Valley\EDIUS x folder as an exclusion in the anti-virus confirguration.


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