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An error occurs during EDIUS installation

FAQ ID:KB00500002 | Date: 2013/07/04

An error occurs and I cannot install EDIUS.

Please confirm the error message. 

Error Setup cannot be running in your operation system.
Setup requires: Windows 7 SP1 or greater
This setup will not proceed
Cause EDIUS installer is running on a unsupported Operating System. EDIUS supports either 64-bit Windows 7 or 8. 32-bit Windows 7, 8 and Windows Vista, XP are not supported.
Solution Please install onto a PC with a supported OS or upgrade the OS.

Error Required Windows module was not found
(Only EDIUS 9)
Cause EDIUS requires d3dcompiler_47.dll component update

Obtain the latest Windows update or install stand-alone package. See the FAQ more details.

Error Microsoft .NET Framework installation failed
(Only EDIUS 9)
Cause .NET Framework 4.7 installation did not succeed while EDIUS 9 installation.

1. Obtain the latest Windows update.
2. Confirm that the PC can connect to internet.
3. Confirm that the system drive has 10GB or more free disk space

See the FAQ more details.

Error Apple Quick Time 7.74 or later is required to run this version of EDIUS.
Would you like to open a web browser and go to the download page for Quick Time now?
Cause EDIUS requires Apple QuickTime 7.74 or later, but it has not been installed on your PC.

Press [OK] in the error message to visit Apple website and download and install QuickTime. After installation, go back to the EDIUS installer screen and click [Continue] to install EDIUS.

NOTE: Latest build of EDIUS 8 and 7 no longer requires to install QuickTime for QuickTime for Windows Vulnerability Issue. You can install EDIUS without installation QuickTime by running latest build of EDIUS installer that is available on GV Download Web site.


This application requires SSSE3 supported CPU for installation. Setup is terminated.

Cause Your CPU does not support SSSE3 (Supplementary SSE3) instruction set.
Solution Install EDIUS onto a PC that supports SSSE3 (Supplementary SSE3) instruction set.


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