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An error occurs while EDIUS installation

FAQ ID:KB00500008 | Date: 2015/07/06

An error occurs while EDIUS installation. How do I solve the problem?

Firstly, please confirm user account right that is currently logging on. If you logging on as standard user, please log off Windows then log onto Windows by using administrator credential and run the EDIUS 8 or 9 installer.
If already done or installation still fails, please send below info to technical support:

1. Error message screenshot

2. Installer log files. Below files will be generated as installation log within C:\Users\[USER NAME]\AppData\Local\Temp:

d) EDIUS_[VER]_[YYYYMMDDHHMMSS]_x_.MSI.GVLicenseManager.log

*[VER] is EDIUS version number (either 8 or 9)
**Date and time is installer launched date and time. Log files that were generated in previous running of the installer may be the location. So, please confirm date and time in the file name when getting them.
*** MSI.Driver log will be generated if Grass Valley hardware is installed and driver installation proceeded

Log files are generated with order a) -> b) -> c) -> d). For example, if EDIUS application installation fails and installer stops, c) and d) log won't be generated and only two log files are generated.
In that case, please send generated log files and the screenshot to the technical suppport.


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