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Want to use another eID

FAQ ID:KB02100003 | Date: 2017/11/20

I no longer wish to use my existing eID (EDIUS ID). How do I create a new eID for my existing EDIUS/Mync software?

Once you logged into eID (EDIUS ID) when first time starting EDIUS, eID and EDIUS license are linked. EDIUS license only allows to linke to single eID. If you want to use another eID to use EDIUS, unlink then link to new ID by following steps:

* Before the steps, create eID that you want to use from now on by visiting eID web site.
** EDIUS Trial version cannot be linked to another eID.

1. Note current eID or EDIUS serial number. You can confirm it by visiting my page on eID web site.

2. Contact to your local GV technical support along with current eID or serial number to ask unlinking the license(s) from current eID.

3. Once you get "Unlink finished" response from us, De-activate EDIUS license on GV License Manager. If multiple licenses activated, they must be de-activated.

4. Activate the license(s) on GV License Manager.

5. Start EDIUS.

6. Log into eID that you want to use.


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