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EDIUS and QuickTime for Windows Vulnerability Issue

FAQ ID:EDIUS QuickTime | Date: 2016/04/29

I have heard that Apple QuickTime for Windows is vulnerable to malicious attacks or electronic data loss. Should I uninstall QuickTime?

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has made an official announcement on the vulnerability of Apple QuickTime for Windows:

This vulnerability can occur if the user visits a malicious web page, or opens a malicious .MOV file in either the QuickTime Player or in EDIUS.

EDIUS uses QuickTime components for the handling of certain image types and formats. The following functionality will be lost if QuickTime is uninstalled:

  • Still Image File Formats: BMP (export only); JPEG; JPEG2000; TIFF; PSD; PNG; SGI; GIF; GIF89a; JFIF; Mac PICT; sgiRGB.
  • MOV Video File Formats: MOV (other than MPEG2; H.264/AVC; HDV; .3ivx D4 4.5.1)
  • Audio File Formats: MOV (other than Linear PCM; AAC)

Grass Valley is assessing how best to reversion EDIUS to ensure that the full feature set is available without any requirement to install QuickTime for Windows. We will advise as soon as possible a timescale for when this can be implemented. 

Affected Versions:

  • EDIUS Workgroup 8 / Pro 8
  • EDIUS Elite 7 / Pro 7
  • EDIUS Elite / Pro 6.5
  • EDIUS Neo 3.5
  • EDIUS Express
    (plus all previous versions of EDIUS ,which are already End of Service).

The security risk in the QuickTime Player can be removed by installing QuickTime Essentials:

1) Uninstall QuickTime (Windows Control Panel > Program and Features).
2) Install QuickTime (Select Custom > Only Enable QuickTime Essentials option).


IMPORTANT NOTE: This workaround minimizes the risk of EDIUS being affected by the QuickTime security issue, but does not completely remove it. According to the vulnerability report, the user is still at risk if opening a malicious .MOV file directly in EDIUS.

Updated on July 11th
EDIUS 7 and 8 build that no longer requires QuickTime for Windows to be installed as part of the installation or update process. Please download it from our web site.

Updated on August 16th
EDIUS 8.22.623 that no longer requires QuickTime for Windows to import / export certain QuickTime clips. Please refer to FAQ web page for details. 8.22.623 build can be downloaded from our web site.



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