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Can I use EDIUS in Windows 8.1?

FAQ ID:KB02200006 | Date: 2013/10/30

Can I use EDIUS in Windows 8.1?

EDIUS Pro 7, Pro 6.5, Neo 3.5 and Express allows to install on Windows 8.1. After installing the EDIUS, please apply the latest version of update that is available on our web site.

Notification for upgrading OS
If your OS that EDIUS installed is upgraded to Windows 8.1, uninstall and re-install EDIUS with below steps:

1. Uninstall the EDIUS with selecting "Perform deactivation".
2. Restart Windows.
3. Upgrade the OS.
4. Re-install the EDIUS and then activate the EDIUS license.
5. Apply the EDIUS update.





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