2. Downloads for EDIUS X Mync

Downloads for EDIUS X Mync

You can download the EDIUS X Mync installer from this page. Please note that any edition of EDIUS X Mync, including the trial, can be installed with the same installer.

For Japanese customers:

Latest download

Version 10.33.9356

EDIUS X Mync (10.33.9356) Full Installer Released 2022-09-27
*If the above link does not work, please try this link instead

New Features

– Improved handling of a clip with a slightly different frame rate from the project to avoid the case that the last frame disappears
– Added or improved features as below by upgrading Blackmagic RAW SDK
– Added support for Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2
– Improved white balance accuracy for Panasonic Lumix S1H, S1, S5 and BS1H
*Mync supports the followings as manufacturers of cameras connected to Blackmagic Video Assist:
Blackmagic Design, Canon, Nikon and Panasonic
– Added support for Sony VENICE 2/CineAltaV 2

Fixed Issues

– Export is very slow if the storyboard contains a FLAC file
– Certain MOV files cannot be imported (SFDC00822944)
– Mync does not detect alpha channel in certain ProRes MOV files (SFDC00818980)
– Footage noise appears during playing certain MPEG4 visual clips (SFDC00819814)
– Mync crashes when importing a Blackmagic RAW clip recorded by Blackmagic Video Assist
– If an I/O error occurs during reading a source file on export, there is a possibility that a black part is inserted at the end of the exported file (SFDC00821867)
– Rarely an exported file has a frame whose lower field is black if progressive to interlaced conversion in done on export (SFDC00820151, 00824596)
– There are potential issues when decoding RED files as below:
– Crash when loading RED ONE files
– Rare artifact when decoding files from RED KOMODO 6K
– Slight level elevation at high ISO settings

Known Issues

– Updating Floating License Server fails if the installed version is 10.30 or earlier.
For workaround, uninstall the old version first 

Legacy Downloads

Version 10.32.8750

NOTE: EDIUS X Mync (10.32.8750) Released 2022-05-24 is only provided as a bundled version of EDIUS X 10.32.8750 because no new feature nor fix is provided

Version 10.32.8648

EDIUS X Mync (10.32.8648) Full Installer Released 2022-04-19

Version 10.31.8487

EDIUS X Mync (10.31.8487) Full Installer Released 2022-03-01

Version 10.30.8291

EDIUS X Mync (10.30.8291) Full Installer Released 2021-12-21

Version 10.30.8244

EDIUS X Mync (10.30.8244) Full Installer Released 2021-12-08

Version 10.21.8061

EDIUS X Mync (10.21.8061) Full Installer Released 2021-11-14