3. EDIUS 11


EDIUS 11  Resonance of Creative

EDIUS has both high-speed editing and robustness.

Its latest version, EDIUS 11, revolutionizes next-generation creatives with its advanced architecture.

In addition to advanced video production with numerous new functions, the user experience has been improved to enable friendly and comfortable operation.

We also developed Chorus Hub technology to make film production more efficient.

With this new technology, each product such as EDIUS and Mync will be seamlessly connected and harmonize beautifully, realizing group creative solution construction and system integration.

And with the theme of It’s time to create, it will be a bridge to future innovative services.

New functionalities


  • Adjustment clip function
  • Target export presets for Social media
  • Mync Window
  • Quick project start from Mync
  • Sony XAVC H support
  • HEIF support
  • OFX Plug-in native support
  • 3rd party hardware support update
  • New Bonus Contents plugin package (Titler, Audio Editor, Audio filter, Video filter/transitions)
  • [in the near future] GPU accelerated decoding for General H.264/265

Mync 11

  • EDIUS Project and TL Sequence management
  • Versatile clip management (In / Out point / Marker / Marker comment / Clip color etc…)
  • Transcode (Preset base)
  • Job Monitor

Chorus Hub 11

  • Share EDIUS projects and contents between multiple EDIUS clients


  • Mync 11: Included in EDIUS 11
  • Chorus Hub 11: Sold as Turnkey (sold separately)

Delete functions

Delete functions from EDIUS X

Stereoscopic (3D editing)
Blu-ray/DVD Authoring
 * Requires “EDIUS 11 Authoring Option”
Tape out and capture (RS422 deck control using STORM 3G)

Delete functions from Mync * To be supported later

Storyboard editing
Duplicate file search
Search offline clips
Verify copy
Hidden etc…

Chorus Hub Server

Group Creative via Chorus Hub

Content Sharing

Chorus Hub can be used to share data with clients, such as source settings information configured using Mync 11 (In/Out points, marker,
and display color of asset, etc.), as well as EDIUS 11 projects and sequences managed by Mync 11.

When editing with EDIUS, the new Mync window added in EDIUS 11 allows users to make use of this shared information directly and seamlessly.

External Rendering

An external rendering terminal can be connected in order to export EDIUS 11 timeline files and convert Mync 11 asset files externally. This can significantly reduce the load on client terminals.

Collaboration with cloud services

Hub Server and Client can be placed on cloud
Utilization of cloud analysis service (integration using Hub SDK)
Video and photo automatic tag, Speech text conversion

System Requirements

EDIUS 11 Pro / EDIUS 11 Workgroup / EDIUS 11 Broadcast

CPU Intel 5th Gen or newer processor or equivalent AMD CPU
Memory 8GB minimum (16GB or more required for 4K / 8K editing)
Hard Disk 6GB of hard disk space is required for installation.
Drive with SATA/7,200 RPM or faster is required for video storage.
Graphics Card 1GB minimum video memory for SD/HD editing (2GB minimum video memory in 4K editing)
Sound Card Sound card with WDM driver support is required.
Optical Drive Blu-ray Disc writer is required when creating Blu-ray Discs.*
DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW drive is required when creating DVDs.*
OS Windows 10 64-bit Version 21H2 or later / Windows 11
Network Internet connection required for software license activation.
Periodical internet connection required for software license validation.
Hardware Support Third-party Hardware

* EDIUS 11 Authoring Option license (paid) is required to create Blu-rays and DVDs

Lineup [Scheduled for release on October 11, 2023]

Product Notes
EDIUS 11 Pro
EDIUS 11 Pro Upgrade Upgrade from EDIUS X Pro
EDIUS 11 Pro Jump Upgrade Upgrade from EDIUS 2 – 9 / EDIUS Neo
EDIUS 11 Pro Education Requires proof of full-time educational status and is not upgradable
EDIUS 11 Workgroup
EDIUS 11 Workgroup Upgrade Upgrade from EDIUS X Workgroup
EDIUS 11 Workgroup Jump Upgrade Upgrade from EDIUS 2 – 9 / EDIUS Neo
EDIUS 11 Workgroup Education Requires proof of full-time educational status and is not upgradable
EDIUS 11 Broadcast 
EDIUS 11 Broadcast  Jump Upgrade Upgrade from EDIUS 2 – X / EDIUS Neo
EDIUS 11 Authoring Option Add DVD/Blu-ray Authoring function

* One EDIUS 11 license allows one activation.

Free upgrade

Eligibility Users who purchase(d) EDIUS X (excluding Educational version) from September 15 to October 31, 2023
Application Period From November 6 (tentative) to December 31, 2023
Web form address To be announced lager
Required contents Name, email address, serial number, purchase date, etc.