2. EDIUS Workgroup 9
  3. New Features - EDIUS Workgroup 9

New Features – EDIUS Workgroup 9

Version 9.31 (11/14/2018)

  • Add Nikon “N-Log” color space
  • Support H.265/HEVC of “FUJIFILM X-T3”
  • Mync update (RED RAW decode GPU support, “N-Log” color space, Support H.265/HEVC of “FUJIFILM X-T3” etc)

Workgroup only

  • Video-out Conversion (ex: 4K to HD down convert preview using preview Hardware Device)
  • Improvement of “Monitor Control” (Add EIZO “ColorEdge CG279X” and EIZO “FlexScan EV2785-HL”)

Version 9.30 (9/17/2018)

  • Closed Caption view (CEA-708/CEA-608)
  • 60/50p Time Code display
  • RED RAW decode GPU support *
  • Improvement of High quality slow-motion (Advanced matching mode)
  • Marker Color function
  • Improve Default Exporter function
  • Canon new video format “XF-HEVC” (H.265) support
  • Canon “EOS C700 FF” Cinema RAW 5.9K (5952×3140, 5952×2532) support
  • Third party hardware “AJA KONA Io 4K” Preview support
  • Mync update (60/50p Time Code display etc)

Workgroup only

  • Add MXF Exporter
    • Add AVC Ultra 4K/2K Exporter by MXF Exporter
    • Add XAVC Intra 4K/QFHD by MXF Exporter
    • MPEG2 MXF for XDCAM HD/HD 422 exporter preset
  • Expansion of Monitor Control function
    • Add EIZO “ColorEdge CG319” / “FlexScan EV2785-HL”

* GPU Requirement
OpenCL 1.1 or higher, no CPU OpenCL device
CUDA 6.5 runtime or higher, GPU compute capability 2.0 or higher
Minimum of 2 GB of graphics card memory
NVIDIA(OpenCL or CUDA) and AMD(OpenCL) supported

Version 9.21 (8/22/2018)

Version 9.20 (4/9/2018)

  • Floating License
  • New video scope supporting HDR
  • Color space list editing
  • Mync HDR support (Preview, Storyboard, Export)
  • Improvement of Canon Cinema RAW Light decoding performance
  • Apple ProRes MXF import support
  • Sony VENICE RAW import support

Workgroup only

Version 9.10 (1/24/2018)

  • H.265/HEVC (MP4) export using Intel Quick Sync Video
  • Improvement of XAVC proxy editing (Support of external media AVC proxy files)
  • Improvement of H.264/AVC (MP4) encoding speed
  • Mync update (Shortcut key tagging / Subclip on Storyboard / Multiple photos view / Mixed media folder)

Version 9.00 (11/1/2017)

  • Native editing of HDR material
  • Export of HDR, which addresses the growing use of HDR content and supplements the existing ability of EDIUS to work directly in a number of 4K and HDR formats
  • Ability to mix SDR and HDR material in the same project, and output results in either color space
    Native end-to end support for HDR content from professional and consumer camcorders from major camera manufacturers, and also for HDR video from drones and smartphones
  • Workflow updates, such as Canon EOS C200 “Cinema RAW Light” decoding, still raw file decoding and improvement of the user interface
  • Third-party hardware support update
  • Mync (media management software) bundled with EDIUS 9 implements a powerful new Metadata Smart Search function

Workgroup only

  • Third-party hardware 4K 50p/60p output support