2. EDIUS Training

EDIUS Training

Use the links on the left to explore the various offerings from companies providing training for EDIUS. In most instances, the EDIUS training will be chargeable, but we have asked all those listed here to provide a sample of their tutorials so that you can get an idea of the content and style.

Please note that the training materials listed in this section are developed independently from Grass Valley.

DVC Training

DVC (Online + DVD) (English)

Over 15 hours of in-depth training on EDIUS by Silver Certified EDIUS trainer, David Clarke. The tutorial covers every aspect of EDIUS and has been recently updated to cover new topics in EDIUS. Also available are a range of free tutorials on EDIUS and the excellent third-party titling program VisTitle which you can see on DVC’s YouTube channel.
Free “taster” tutorial – click HERE.

Every Wednesday, short video podcasts about specific aspects of EDIUS are published. These podcasts are based on frequently asked questions from customers and offer useful tips on working with EDIUS.

They are available in English, German and French on:


Additionally the English podcasts offer subtitles in multiple languages.

Free EDIUS Basic introduction tutorial from EDIUS.NET 

EDIUS.NET offers a free Basic tutorial for EDIUS. In this new, free video tutorial, you will learn everything you need to know for a successful start with EDIUS, regardless if you are a new user or if you are switching from another editing platform.

They are available in English, German and French on:

tutorial.edius.net (English)
tutorial.edius.de (Deutsch)
tutorial.edius.fr (French)

Elephorm, vidéos de formation par des pros et tutoriels gratuits

Elephorm (Online + DVD) (French)

François Faivre presents a 5-hour course entitled Débuter avec EDIUS Pro 7 – it is available as video on demand or on DVD-ROM.

Free “taster” tutorial – click HERE.


Gaijin-Eyes Tutorials (Online) (English)

Douglas Bruce is a Scotsman based in Japan – hence the name of his tutorial website, “Gaijin-Eyes” (Foreign-Eyes). Douglas strongly believes in the proverb:

Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day
Teach him to fish and he can feed himself for the rest of his life

He avoids providing fish in his tutorials and, instead, tries to teach viewers how to fish.

For Part 1 of his GV Browser (Mync) tutorials – click HERE.