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Knowledge is Power

What do you want to know? What others know and you can stealborrow? Want to become better, stronger, faster? Then you're in the right place.

EDIUS users are not only the most powerful editors in the world, they're also the most creative. Here they share their knowledge...freely. Use what they use, modify what they use, and share what you've used in the Grass Valley User Forums.

Matthew Scott – The Cinematographer

EDIUS and the Film Look
If you're looking to make your video look like film, there are some tricks: The first is how you shoot. The second is how you edit. Learn EDIUS' color correction techniques, including the new (for EDIUS 8.2) primary color correction tool. Learn how to blend film grain with your 4K video, and how to use the motion tracking filter (also new with EDIUS 8.2).
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Maxim Jago – The Craft Editor

Cool Things About EDIUS
EDIUS is cool. Take a few minutes and chill with these 7 videos to see how the tools in EDIUS can make your videos cool.
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TheFrank Aldana – The NavHacker

EDIUS NavHacks
What's a NavHack? It's how you can make EDIUS even faster. Personalize the interface, give yourself a gamer layout, and tweak the timeline.
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Al Caudullo – The 3D Guy

EDIUS 3D Workflow
3D is alive and well in EDIUS (actually, it's the best 3D editor around). Learn everything from 3D prep to 3D color correction (no 3D glasses required).
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Steve Leeflang – The Plug-in Guru

Plugged into EDIUS
Plug-ins give EDIUS unbelievable power and flexibility. Get plugged in with tutorials on Boris RED, Neat Video, Adorage, Mercalli, VisTitle, and ROBUSKEY.
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Stefan Czech – The DSLR Filmmaker

A 4K DSLR with EDIUS is a powerful storytelling combination that can't be beat. Native 4K and real-time editing...now that's power!
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