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EDIUS and the Film Look

Matthew Scott

Over the past 10 years, Matthew Scott has become an inspirational and well respected professional in both the film and commercial industry. With a passion for the arts and an extensive technical background, Matthew continues to expand and share his knowledge with photographers, cinematographers and colorists, world wide.

He has worked with Australia’s Network TEN, Foxtel, EMI, Atomos, Nikon, Universal and Stillmotion in Canada. His infectious enthusiasm, extensive skill-set and pure passion for what he does continue to provide him with opportunities to work with and educate people in such a broad and quickly expanding community.

Recently, shooting wrapped on his 4th feature film as Director of Photography for “NINJA: IMMOVEABLE HEART”, shot entirely with Nikon G series lenses.

You can connect with Matthew at his blog where he regularly shares knowledge and experiences through free tutorials and articles.


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