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Cablevisión of Argentina: Simplicity of EDIUS Strengthens Workflow Case Study 

Cablevisión of Argentina

A technologically advanced editing system that could be loaded on any PC — even those with lower technical specifications — that is easy to use.

Grass Valley EDIUS 8 NLE to generate content for more than 100 local stations throughout Argentina.

• Workflow efficiency has been improved due to EDIUS’s speed and operational simplicity • No continuing monthly or yearly subscription costs for software • Free upgrades throughout the life of EDIUS 8.x 

Posted Dec 20 2016 (GVB-1-0622A-EN-CS) File Size: 1.1 MB

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TourGigs: Recreating the Live Experience with EDIUS Case Study 

TourGigs, US

TourGigs started with four seats of EDIUS 6 from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, to quickly edit multicam rock concert footage for Blu-ray Disc, DVD, download and online streaming distribution. They then upgraded all seats to EDIUS 8.22 to take advantage of the new primary color correction features.

CHALLENGES: Quickly edit more than 8 HD or 4K camera feeds with a live HD or 4K streaming line-cut of a live rock concert without having to transcode or render. Make the footage available within hours or days after the show.

SOLUTION: Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 8.22 provides an Any In, Any Out workflow that enables HD and/or 4K footage and line-cut to be dropped directly on the multicam timeline for editing.

BENEFITS: An AVCHD/ProRes/XAVC/XAVC S workflow that doesn’t require file duplication and allows editing to begin while footage is being ingested. 

Posted Sep 23 2016 (GVB-1-0458C-EN-CS) File Size: 1.5 MB

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Stone Doves’ Sorrow of the Sun by Kostas Koutsantonis & Lamprini Tzanaki Case Study 

Stone Doves (www.stonedoves.com) are a London-based Indie rock band, formed in 2014. The band is made up of four members: Andreas Dean (vocals and frontman), Martin May (songwriter and guitarist), Marco D’Agosta (bassist) and Luke Goldneck (drummer).

The first Stone Doves album — the five-track Journey — was mastered at the world famous Abbey Road Studios by producer Alex Wharton. He has worked with many top artist including The Beatles, My Bloody Valentine and Chemical Brothers. This has been a big step forward and an instrumental part in the development of the Stone Doves. 

Posted Dec 28 2015 (GVB-1-0556A-EN-CS) File Size: 755.8 KB

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Andrzej Kaluszko Multiformat Editing for Prestigious Polish Documentary Case Study 

Andrzej Kaluszko, Director & Producer
Aura Film Tv Productions
, Warsaw

CHALLENGE: Multiple file formats, resolutions and frame rates on the same timeline, with the ability to edit in real-time

SOLUTION: EDIUS Workgroup 8 (as an upgrade from EDIUS Pro 7.5)

BENEFIT: Real-time editing, effects and color correction, with the ability to transcode into the Grass Valley HQX codec if necessary 

Posted Dec 21 2015 (GVB-1-0560A-EN-CS) File Size: 1.0 MB

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Agos by TheFrank Case Study 

Based in the Philippines, TheFrank is the director, editor, visual effects creator and voiceover artist for Red Ei8ht Inc. It seemed only appropriate that he do a Pieces of 8 video for the launch of EDIUS 8.

“Being Filipino, I wanted to create a video that highlights my cultural heritage,” explained Aldana. “As an FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) practitioner, I thought it would be really cool to do a piece on it.” 

Posted Sep 11 2015 (GVB-1-0531A-EN-CS) File Size: 2.5 MB

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Building No. 8 by Keys of Art Films Case Study 

Director, co-DP and editor Thanasis Deligiorgis, and co-DP Dimitrios Milonas decided that an editing program as futuristic as EDIUS Pro 8 deserved to be highlighted in a future-based science fiction story.

“I wanted to do something more cinematic to show that EDIUS is not just a news and broadcast NLE, but is just as powerful and creative for film work,” said Thanasis. “The main character, a soldier is ‘upgraded’ by a scientist in a medical lab and transported to another planet, where he eventually finds his destination — a large ‘8’ structure — the goal, so to speak, of the upgrade. 

Posted Jun 25 2015 (GVB-1-0523A-EN-CS) File Size: 991.2 KB

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Day of the Gun Edius Brings Indie Western Feature to Life Case Study 

Jeff Herberger, JBH Video, Laurel, MD, US
· Director of Photography & Editor, Day of the Gun · www.jbhvideo.net · www.dayofthegun.com

CHALLENGE: Production with multiple different cameras types and codecs, with VFX and a 5.1 audio mix

SOLUTION: EDIUS was able to handle all codecs and file formats on the timeline with no rendering or conversions required

BENEFITS: With EDIUS, there was no waiting for files to render or convert, meaning editing could take place instantly, without having to wait for technology 

Posted May 14 2015 (GVB-1-0511A-EN-CS) File Size: 865.9 KB

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Keys of Art: Bringing the art of the movie trailer to pre-wedding videos Case Study 

Keys of Arti, Greece
Pre-wedding video producers

CHALLENGES: To quickly craft a story with the bride and groom that leads up to their wedding

SOLUTION: EDIUS Pro 7 from Grass Valley, a Belden brand, with no transcoding, no rendering and the ability to handle anything on the timeline

BENEFITS: Real-time editing with unlimited nested sequences 

Posted Jan 23 2015 (GVB-1-0470A-EN-CS) File Size: 583.8 KB

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Motionlink Making Easy Work of all Media Formats and Resolutions in a Collaborative Post Environment Case Study 

Over the past 15 years, Australia’s Motionlink, based in Sydney, has established a name and reputation that has seen it grow to be a leader in the production of digital deliverables. One of their claims to fame is the requirement that they be able to ingest any tape or file format and output it to their client’s requirements. 

Posted Oct 21 2014 (GVB-1-0470A-EN-CS) File Size: 860.9 KB

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TheFrank Aldana Case Study 

A Journey of Peace with EDIUS and the world’s largest peace mural

TheFrank Aldana (yes, he refers to himself in the third person), his wife Tweet Aldana, and a host of volunteers took on photography and videography duties. This resulted in 9,454 pictures and 1,101 (more than 11 hours) of video clips, captured with just about every device imaginable in a multitude of formats.

With the ability to work natively with just about any kind of media you throw at it, Grass Valley® EDIUS® made the sheer volume of footage somewhat less daunting for Aldana. 

Posted Oct 06 2014 (GVB-1-0028A-EN-CS) File Size: 861.4 KB

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