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TheFrank Aldana

“A videocam is my paintbrush and EDIUS is my canvas.”

TheFrank Aldana (yes, he refers to himself in the third person) is the Director/Editor/VFX/Voiceover artist for Red Ei8ht Inc. in Manila, Philippines. TheFrank would be lost without EDIUS’s any in, any out format support (and he loves the customizability options as well).

TheFrank is a “run-and-gunner” who has had up to 9,454 stills and 1,101 (more than 11 hours) of video clips for one project, captured with just about every device imaginable in a multitude of formats. He’s also easily delivered a 3696×480 project for a set of videowalls.

TheFrank’s been cutting for more than two decades and started with EDIUS 3 in 2007. That helped to relive his long suffering condition of “Render Aversion”—having to render something over and over again could launch him into a psychotic rage. But real-time editing lets him focus on storytelling instead of “working” an interface.

Aside from EDIUS, his favorite tool in the edit bay is a comfortable chair with adjustable arm rests set flush with the table. That keep his mousing hand level and has saved him from a world of hurt.

“And once the edit is all buttoned up, I’d export it, upload it to my YouTube channel, take a nap, and wake up to the sound of ensuing awesomeness.”


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