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Stone Doves

“A music video was always something the band were keen on creating, and EDIUS was the perfect tool to help them see their vision come to life EDIUS. Its powerful tools and the unmatched flexibility EDIUS offers, would give us everything we would need to handle any challenges that occurred during the production process.”
Director and Editor Kostas Koutsantonis.

Stone Doves (www.stonedoves.com) are a London-based Indie rock band, formed in 2014. The band is made up of four members: Andreas Dean (vocals and frontman), Martin May (songwriter and guitarist), Marco D’Agosta (bassist) and Luke Goldneck (drummer). 

The first Stone Doves album – the five-track Journey – was mastered at the world famous Abbey Road Studios by producer Alex Wharton. He has worked with many top artist including The Beatles, My Bloody Valentine and Chemical Brothers. This has been a big step forward and an instrumental part in the development of the Stone Doves.

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