2. EDIUS X Pro
  3. New Features - EDIUS X Pro

New Features – EDIUS X Pro

Version 10.32 (4/19/2022)

  • Support “N-RAW” of Nikon Z9
  • Support proxy editing of N-RAW files and ProRes RAW files shot by Nikon cameras
  • Add 8K editing / exporting function
  • Paste clip attributes enhancements
    Paste attributes to multiple clips
    Add “clip color” to paste items
  • Mync Update
    Support “N-RAW” of Nikon Z9
    Add 8K storyboard editing / exporting function

Version 10.31 (3/1/2022)

  • Support Canon Cinema RAW Light of Canon EOS C70 / EOS R5 C
  • Paste clip attributes enhancements
    Add Gain, Channel Settings, Audio Offset copy
  • GV Job Monitor enhancements
    “Displayed Days” settings (To omit old jobs from the list)
  • Improved performance of exporting to MP3 / AAC audio files
  • Release the video hardware when EDIUS is inactive
  • Mync Update
    Support Canon Cinema RAW Light of Canon EOS C70 / EOS R5 C

Version 10.30 (12/7/2021)

  • Paste clip attributes
  • Skip frame playback
  • Set Clip marker in the Timeline using shortcut key
  • Waveform display on TL Sequence clip
  • Clip / Sequence marker display on TL Sequence clip
  • Custom GUI layout using shortcut key
  • Variable frame rate MP4 file support
  • H.265 software encoder is available
  • AJA T-TAP Pro video preview support
  • Windows 11 support
  • Mync Update
    Variable frame rate MP4 file support
    H.265 software encoder is available
    Added a feature to display GPS data of MOV clips
    Windows 11 support

Version 10.21 (11/14/2021)

  • Support Subscription licenses
  • Changed the name “Display Types” on the GV Job Monitor to a more appropriate name “Job Types”
  • Mync Update
    Support Subscription licenses

Version 10.20 (5/12/2021)

  • Support Bin file conversion to various formats
  • Bin file conversion is processed in the background
  • Added a feature to change decoding color space on ProRes RAW clip
  • Added “Job” Tab (Background rendering monitoring)
  • Support NVIDIA GPU hardware encoding on H.264/AVC exporter
  • Support to export MP3 audio files
  • Support to import XAVC 8K files
  • Support ProRes RAW files shot by Panasonic DC-S1H with ATOMOS NINJA V
  • Added export option to register exported files into the Bin automatically
  • Improved performance of waveform cache file generation
  • Improved performance of operations for timeline that contains lots of clips
  • Improved performance of rendering for nested sequence
  • Mync Update
    Added storyboard export format (ProRes MOV, HQX AVI)
    Support to hide the Import Settings pane
    Support to display clip timecode on thumbnail view

Version 10.10 (12/2/2020)

  • Added analysis items to Layouter Motion Tracking (Scale and Rotation)
  • Thumbnail display on marker window (Sequence and Clip)
  • Render and Add to Timeline (Between In/Out)

Version 10.00 (9/15/2020)

  • Background Rendering (Render service)
  • Background Export (Render service)
  • GV Job Monitor (Background processing monitoring tool)
  • Improved VST2 Plug-in (Support “Latency” and “Shell”)
  • Layouter Motion Tracking (Anchor Mode / Chase Mode)
  • H.265/HEVC file export with hardware encoder in NVIDIA graphics cards
  • GUI optimization
  • Optimized Performanc
  • Optimized Audio Sync Performance
  • Draft preview
  • Bonus Content Plug-in (Free download)
      Acon Digital EDIUS Editions
       Compressor, Noise reduction, Reverb reduction, Limiter
    ・Transition / Video effects
      proDAD VitaScene V4 EDIUS Edition
       A variety of effects including intelligent smooth transitions
      NewBlue Titler Pro 7 for EDIUS X
       High-performance titler equipped with many design-rich templates