3. EDIUS X Downloads

EDIUS X Downloads

You can download the EDIUS X installer from this page.

For Japanese customers:

Important information

- View important information- Important notes, Supported OS and Design limitations
- Legacy builds can be downloaded from here

Download bundled plug-ins 
To get the latest bundled plug-in, visit EDIUS X Bonus Contents

Latest update

Version 10.34.14011

EDIUS X (10.34.14011) Full Installer Released 2024-03-28
* File download mirror:
EDIUS X (10.34.14011) Full Installer

NOTE: If the above download links do not work,  visit this page

New Features


– Supports new name format of Canon XF-AVC proxy media
– Supports displaying CEA-708 closed caption contains double-byte characters


– Supports new name format of Canon XF-AVC proxy media

Fixed Issues


– “Burn to disc” fails if Dolby Digital Pro option is installed
– When multiple clips are dragged and dropped from Catalyst Browse to the Bin window, only one clip is registered to the Bin (SFDC00843594)
– EDIUS occasionally freezes when a growing clip is shown in the Player
– Export with the “Show separate render progress dialog” option does not start if EDIUS is playing the timeline (SFDC00860036)
– In MXF exporter, selection of destination is always reset from FTP to Folder (SFDC00860471)
– View mode of Source Browser is changed from “Clip” to “Thumbnail” when a project is opened (SFDC00860471)
– “Adjust Frame Rate when Loading Clip” does not work when using “Add Files…” context menu for registration a clip into the Bin (SFDC00863511)
– Checked out projects do not use proxies (SFDC00867855)
– If the decimal symbol of OS is ‘,'(comma), some numeric input fields will ignore decimal places after loading a QuickTitler clip or opening a project that contain a QuickTitler clip
– When a project is created from a template, modifying a QuickTitler clip copied from the template modifies the clip in the template (SFDC00870068)
– Timeline sequences rendered with older generation EDIUS are loaded as unrendered
– When an effect settings dialog is maximized, some of key frames set in the dialog are not applied to rendered clips nor exported files (SFDC00824170)
– EDIUS crashes when opening a project
– Initialization of [Job] tab fails
– Once the System Settings is opened, occasionally the EDIUS.exe process remains in the memory after closing EDIUS if the CPU is one of 12th Gen or 13th Gen Intel Processors
– In the German edition of EDIUS, some terms in the “Burn to disc” dialog are incorrect
– When a user registered LUT is used in the Primary Color Correction filter, red checkerboard video is exported (SFDC00862086)
– MOV files with AAC audio exported with the “Use Hardware Encoder” option do not play properly on iPhone or Mac
– MOV and MP4 files exported with H.265/HEVC exporter are incompatible with iPhone and Mac
– Start up speed of EDIUS X becomes slower as the size of the EDIUS Hub database increases
– K2 FTP source browser sends ‘\’ (backslash) instead of ‘/” (slash) to the FTP servers (SFDC00867493)
– If the PC is woken up after sleeping for four hours or more with a project open, EDIUS crashes when operating the [Job] tab (SFDC00873981)
– [Job] tab does not work by “The page isn’t working” error (SFDC00874120)
– External render jobs fail when using some exporters (EDIUS Hub Server environment only)
– Rarely status of a job remains “Canceling” and never changed (SFDC00874354)
– Firmware version information cannot be obtained properly from certain Canon XF-AVC clips
– There is a case that the installer fails to install a certificate


– Mync crashes when a source material in iPhone or Android is right clicked in the thumbnail pane
– Firmware version information cannot be obtained properly from certain Canon XF-AVC clips
– There is a case that the installer fails to install a certificate

Known Issues


– Frame number of source timecode is always shown as even number in 50p/60p clips
– Encoding in Dolby Digital Professional/Plus changes the volume of audio
– Standalone GV Job Monitor requests “EdiusHubPackage.msi” when it is launched
For workaround, Use EDIUS integrated GV Job Monitor
– MPEG2 Elementary Stream exporter is unavailable
– Some of third party plug-ins and Bonus Contents cannot be uninstalled or updated properly if GV Render Engine is running in the background
For workaround, stop GV Render Engine or background render service – here more details
– Updating Floating License Server fails if the installed version is 10.30 or earlier
For Workaround, Uninstall the old version first
– If the OS has not been restarted after changing the display scaling, sizes of texts created by QuickTitler will be unexpectedly changed at the export
For Workaround, Restart GV Render Engine before file export – here more details
– AVCHD 3D writer exporter fails to export files
– When a clip exported by the P2 3D exporter is registered in the bin, it will be handled as a sequence clip instead of a 3D clip
– When “Separate Left and Right” is selected to export a stereoscopic clip, only the L side file is export
– Vorbis exporter fails if the number of audio channels is 7 or 8, even though the exporter’s specifications allow up to 8 channels of audio
– When exporting MP3 audio, noise is exported if “Bit Depth” of audio format is set to 20bit
– The color space of the project settings is not reflected to still image files created by “Create a Still Image” function
– “Pre-roll Edit (Rec)” does not overwrite the timeline
– Error dialog is hidden behind other EDIUS windows and GUI becomes inoperable when batch export fails if the progress bar dialog is set to be shown during export
For workaround, Hit [ALT] + [ESC] several times to bring the error dialog foreground
– When overwriting an existing clip with [Add to Bin] option, the existing clip appears instead of a placeholder on the bin, and occasionally it is replaced with a black image instead of the exported clip in the end
* Once it occurs, remove the black clip, close the project, reopen it and add the exported clip again to recover from the issue


– Updating Floating License Server fails if the installed version is 10.30 or earlier
For workaround, uninstall the old version first
– Colors are inaccurate when previewing JPEG files shot by iPhone from the library