2. EDIUS Pro 9
  3. Plug-ins


Video plug-in

New Blue

Product name  Version
Amplify 6  
Titler Pro 5/Ultimate *  
Titler Pro 6/Ultimate 171120
Total FX 5 171209

* EDIUS Pro 9 users are entitled to use Titler Pro 5 for EDIUS 9 for free. For the details, please refer to “News” page followed by My Page after login to eID.


Product name Version
Mercalli PRO V4 Video Stabilizer 4.0.482.1
Heroglyph 4 Titler 4.0.257
VitaScene V3 Video Filter & Transitions 3.0.257
Adorage Video Filter & Transitions


Research Institute of Systems Planning, Inc. / ISP

Product name Version
ROBUSKEY for Video 1.2.1



Product name Version

Pegasys Inc.

Product name Version
TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in AVC for EDIUS Pro 9
TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in MPEG-2 for EDIUS Pro 9



Product name Version
Ignite Pro * 2.0.7123.35334

* OFX plugs also show up via the Bridge so there is “duplicate of plugs,” slows down start up

Digital Anarchy

Product name Version
Beauty Box 4.1

Boris FX

Product name Version
Continuum * 11
Sapphire * 11.01

* Mocha masking and tracking not supported. Temporal effects not supported.

Red Giant

Product name Version
Magic Bullet Suite 13
Cosmo II 2.0.2
Looks 4.0.4
Film 1.2.3
Mojo II 2.0.3
Renoiser 1.0.3


NIXUS Hokkaido Nikko Telecommunications Co., Ltd.

Product name Version
Telop Canvas 4  


The OFX Bridge is now available to support certain OpenFX plugins from EDIUS version 8.1 onwards. Please note that there is no technical support for
this plugin bridge. Any issues should be reported on the EDIUS user forums.
Note: 10-bit is supported in the OFX Bridge.

Audio plug-in

Acon Digital

Product name Version
Restoration Suite Audio Restoration & Repair 1.81
Verberate Algorithmic Reverb 1.6.2
DeVerberate Reverb Reduction 1.6.0



Product name Version
Elephant Loudness Maximizer 4.5
Voxformer Voice Track Correction 2.11


Product name Version
RX 6 Standard Audio Editor 6
RX 6 Advanced Audio Editor 6
Nectar 2 Voice Track Correction 2.04
Ozone 8 Audio Mastering 8.00 b820
Ozone 8 Advanced Audio Mastering 8.00 b820


Wave Arts

Product name Version
Master Restoration Suite Audio Restoration & Repair 5.87