2. EDIUS 11 Bonus Contents

EDIUS 11 Bonus Contents

EDIUS 11 users can download the following plug-ins that can be used free of charge.
Click at the plug-in name to start downloading.

EDIUS 11ユーザーは無償で利用できるプラグインを下記からダウンロードしてください。

Update date: November 21, 2023

Extended Audio Filter Plug-in Pack

Acon Digital EE for EDIUS 11(VST2 Plug-in)

- Extract Dialogue EDIUS Edition (AI Noise Elimination filter)
- Compress EDIUS Edition
- Denoise EDIUS Edition
- DeVerberate EDIUS Edition
- Limit EDIUS Edition

Acon Digital: https://acondigital.com/

Audio and Captions Editor

Acon Digital Acoustica EDIUS Edition 7.5

- Open and edit audio files directly from the EDIUS bin or EDIUS timeline
- Includes professional audio restoration tools like DeClip, DeClick, DeHum and more
- Analysis tools like spectrogram, spectral histogram and loudness meter
- Speech-to-text function and caption editor
- Imports and exports EDIUS Marker Lists
- Exports subtitles as SRT for direct support in the new EDIUS 11 Titler

Acon Digital: https://acondigital.com/

* “EE for EDIUS 11(VST2 Plug-in)” and “Acoustica EDIUS Edition 7.5” are installed in just one installer.
※「EE for EDIUS 11(VST2 Plug-in)」と「Acoustica EDIUS Edition 7.5」は、1つのセットアップで同時にインストールできます。

Setup file:
Acon Digital EE for EDIUS 11(VST2 Plug-in) / Acon Digital Acoustica EDIUS Edition 7.5
Installer version number: 2.0.2 / Release date: 11/21/2023

Extended Video Transition and Filter Plug-in Pack

ProDAD Vitascene V5 EDIUS Edition

- Glitch Effects for video, graphics, titles and logos
- Over 100 seamless transitions
- Over 250 other transitions and video filters
- All effects are shown with animated icons inside EDIUS
- Intelligent auto-color correction filter: ProDAD Picture Enhanzr EE, based on human perception

proDAD: https://www.prodad.com/

Fast and professional titling effect

VisDOM VisTitle Express for EDIUS
Version number: / Release date: 11/21/2023

To update from an earlier build, please see below:Steps to upgrade VisTitle Express build

アップデートする際は以下を参照してください。VisTitle Express のアップデート手順

- Highlight the titling effect with numerous templates and powerful function control
- Caption Edit function with SRT file import/export

* Requires license activation to use the VisTitle. Serial number can be obtained from here.https://www.edius.net/free_vistitle
※VisTitle を使用するにはライセンス認証が必要です。シリアル番号はこちらから入手できます。(英語ページ)https://www.edius.net/free_vistitle

VisDOM: http://www.hkvisdom.com/