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Unable to import / export still images

FAQ ID:KB01200007 | Date: 2013/12/24

I cannot import or export still images. How do I solve the problem?

Occasionally because of updates or other issues, the link between EDIUS and QuickTime can become broken. Why does this matter? Because QuickTime is used in nearly ALL still image imports and exports. QuickTime is also used to decode many video formats within EDIUS.

Should you find difficulty in importing or creating still images from the timeline, follow these steps:

1) Uninstall QuickTime and reboot the PC.
2) Install latest available QuickTime
3) Update EDIUS with the latest point release available

If you find that the problem is NOT resolved after Step 3, then uninstall EDIUS completely.  Re-install and update to the latest point release. This should fix the links between EDIUS and QuickTime.


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