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Application window does not appear

FAQ ID:KB00800001 | Date: 2013/07/20

EDIUS application window (e.g. Bin, Information palette or other) does not appear.

Attempt to restore the window layout to default with either procedures below.

1. Choose [Layout] > [Window Layout] > [Initialize].
2. Press [Shift] + [Alt] + [L] key.

If window invisible issue still remains, try to reset to factory default by deleting setting file:

1. Quit EDIUS if running.
2. Open C:\Users\nakaon\AppData\Roaming\Grass Valley\EDIUS\[EDIUSVER]\Setting folder.
3. Delete CtsGuiSettings.esp file.
4. Start EDIUS.

*EDIUS VER depends on your EDIUS version as below:
   EDIUS 9: 9.00
   EDIUS 8: 8.00
   EDIUS 7: 7.0

If deleting the file solves the issue and there are multiple EDIUS user profiles, you may also need to delete the setting file in each user profile folder. Procedure is different due to the profile type:

Local Profile

1. Open C:\Users\nakaon\AppData\Roaming\Grass Valley\EDIUS\[EDIUSVER]\Setting\User folder.
2. Open Userxxx\Setting folder.
3. Delete CtsGuiSettings.esp file.
4. Start EDIUS.

Network Profile

1. Open network profile folder.
2. Open [EDIUS VER]\User\Userxxx\Setting folder.
3. Delete CtsGuiSettings.esp file.
4. Start EDIUS. 

*Userxxx starts from User000. For example, if you have three profiles. User000, User001, User002 folders will exist.



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