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Importing and exporting QuickTime clip in EDIUS 8

FAQ ID:EDIUS 8 QuickTime | Date: 2016/08/17

EDIUS 8.22.623 Release Note mentions that EDIUS no requires QuickTime for Windows. Is supported format same as before uninstalling QuickTime?

EDIUS 8.22.623 no longer requires to install QuickTime for Windows to import / export certain QuickTime clips. The following functionality is supported:

  • Still Image File Formats: BMP (export only); JPEG; TIFF; PSD; PNG; SGI; GIF; GIF89a; JFIF; sgi RGB
  • MOV Video File Formats*: ProRes, MPEG-2, H.264/AVC, MPEG-4, HDV, DNxHD/DNxHR, Grass Valley HQ/Grass Valley HQX, DV/DVCPRO, Motion JPEG, Uncompressed 8-bit YCbCr (2vuy), Uncompressed 10-bit YCbCr (v210), Uncompressed 8-bit RGB
    * EDIUS may not be able to load a clip if it has frame size or rate those are not used in video standard.

The following functionality will be lost if QuickTime is uninstalled:

  • Still Image File Formats: Flash Pix; JPEG2000; Mac Pict; QuickTime Image
  • MOV Video File Formats: 3GP; 3G2; M4V or some MOV file formats
  • Audio File Formats: MOV (other than Linear PCM and AAC); QuickTime Audio
  • Exporting to H.264 MOV clip for AAF file export

If you need to use these functionality, please install QuickTime Essentials then change EDIUS system settings as below:

1) Choose [Settings] > [System Settings] > [Importer / Exporter] > [QuickTime].
2) Check "Enable QuickTime Importer" option.
3) Click [Apply] then [OK] button.
4) Restart EDIUS.


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