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Preview device format error appears

FAQ ID:KB00900004 | Date: 2013/12/24

When loading a timeline I get a message "Device doesn't support the current format. Switching to Software mode".

This error message is not actually an error message. It is simply informational. EDIUS is telling you that your preview device for real-time video output cannot support the existing timeline.

Why does this occur? The most common is that you do not have an EDIUS hardware preview device. Due to this EDIUS automatically defaults to "Generic OHCI". There is no real-time HDV output and Edius cannot convert your timeline to SD for DVCPRO25 (DV25) output in real time as well.  Which basically means you cannot out put your timeline to an external monitor in real-time.

If you have GV NLE hardware such as STORM MOBILE, Storm 3G,  etc, you can switch to it and possibly remove this message. Keeping in mind you will still get the message if your timeline settings cannot be used by the hardware in question.

The error message can generally be ignored if you do not need real-time video output. It will not affect the performance of EDIUS while editing.


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