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Notes on upgrading EDIUS

FAQ ID:KB00100007 | Date: 2017/02/06

What points should I consider when upgrading to EDIUS 8 from an earlier version of EDIUS?

When upgrading to EDIUS 8 from previous versions of EDIUS, please consider the following:

1.System requirements
EDIUS 8 only supports 64-bit Windows 7, 8/8.1 or 10. If your OS is 32-bit Windows 7, 8 or Windows Vista, XP, you will need to upgrade to a supported OS. Also, EDIUS 8 requires more powerful specification of PC for smooth editing. Please confirm the system requirements before upgrading.

2.Supported Grass Valley NLE hardware
EDIUS 8 only supports HDSPARK, HDSPARK Pro, STORM Mobile, STORM 3G and STORM 3G Elite. Other NLE hardware is not supported.

3.Third-party plug-in software
EDIUS 8 does not support the 3rd-party plug-in software designed for previous versions of EDIUS. Please install the version designed for EDIUS 8.

4.Project file compatibility
EDIUS 8 is backwards-compatible with project files created with earlier versions of EDIUS. However, 3rd-party filter effects or titles may not be imported. Dummy effects will be applied in these cases.

5.Upgrading from EDIUS 7
If your EDIUS 8 is an upgrade version, you will be required to activate both EDIUS 8 and 7. Please do not deactivate EDIUS 7 when uninstalling 7 for EDIUS 8 installation.

6.Internet connection
EDIUS Pro 8 requires internet connection for periodical EDIUS ID log in.


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